So, What is the function of an artist? To appease a market? To sell himself? The psychological commodification of primatial creativity? MONETARY. So, Julian Schnabel was asked "what is the role of an artist? Does art serve a purpose? Does it have a morality?" That was, do they have or serve some kind of intrinsic function?


Is there a morality undergirding creativity and art? 

He didn't have a distinct answer -- this was back in those God awful days of the 1980s NYC arts scene. 

My philosophy on this matter and my own proclivities are well-documented in certain circles: 

My services are for sale.


I am not a traditional fine arts business and I mostly do not do retail. The only products I sell are my books & clothing and things of that nature. I believe art wants to be free. My colleagues would hate me for spewing such unforgivable, feculent blather. However, the nature of my practice is more of an experience. I cannot put into dollars and cents an experience nor am I going to reduce my work, my life, or your worth or your life or your livelihood to market value or appeasement in the form of  callous cash payment. 

I run and live like a non-profit. Give me food. Gimme shelter. That's all I need. I'm basically a Kafkaesque post-communist gutter poet intellectual. There's a Slavic romance to my lifestyle. If you are interested in donating if you enjoy my (more or less) free content or if you'd like to book me for some kind of academic or psychoanalytic or sociological lecture, poetics, etc or are interested in small paraphernalia items or books of poetry (many of which have been bootlegged at my expense in amounts exceeding $16,000 then please be in touch via e-mail or PayPal @

Also, please see my CV on the ABOUT page for more information. 

As to function? The innate and supremely valid ideological role of the species; a sacramental vocation. 

  ~ A. Savreux 

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