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Alexej Savreux is a linguist, satirist, poet, and critic mostly known for his contributions to avant-garde literature and medical sociology. He was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1989. Savreux is known for his wit and is widely recognized for his poetry, idiosyncratic personality and commentary, and the breadth of his work. 

Savreux's creative works are deeply personal and thought-provoking, delving into themes of love, loss, mental illness, and the complexities of human experience. His writings are characterized by their eclecticism, depth, and incisive commentary. He consistently challenges societal norms, exposes hypocrisy, and attempts to spark conversations about essential but often solemn issues. 

Alexej's foci include contemporary art, music, classical literature, language, social theory, and various philosophical matters. 

Alexej founded and runs Illogical Conceits Art Crit Journal, an old-school art crit journal hosted by Substack with a national reach. Savreux is affiliated with various periodicals in the United States and a handful of international publications.

He also makes virtually uncategorizable graffiti and multimedia art with a playful and often purposeless bent. 


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