Although Alexej Savreux’s diverse body of work defies simple categorizations, a distinct aesthetic vividly emerges from this maelstrom of poetry, satire, and visual art. Common themes run through the different elements of his portfolio as surely as the nervous system connects the different parts of the body. In Savreux’s work, the lines distinguishing the written word from graphic art become blurred until they melt away entirely.

A satirist who wears his heart on his sleeve, Savreux employs a broad palette of influences in order to reflect the chaotic beauty of our modern, mad world. In Savreux’s work, incisive mockery is often tempered by an emotional sincerity that borders on childlike wonder. Inspired by everything from classical mythology and Zen Buddhism to modern linguistic theory and quantum physics, Savreux’s work fuses these seemingly disparate elements together to offer unvarnished glimpses into the artist’s busy mind.

While Savreux’s poetry and visual satire are complex and densely layered, they often exert an arresting influence as immediate and visceral as a punch to the stomach. Forcefully expressive, his work provokes primal, emotional responses even as it encourages thoughtful engagement. Savreux’s aesthetic often seems to be engaged in epic battles with the subtleties of societal constructs and the complex calculations of the human brain even as it playfully explores the absurdity and futility of such quixotic artistic endeavors. Savreux seems to possess an uncanny knack for tugging on these threads until they reveal how immaculate beauty still remains an intrinsic part of our overwhelming and sometimes ugly world.

Unapologetically authentic, Savreux’s work is a direct reflection of the artist and his unique perspective. At once bitterly sardonic and optimistically joyful, Savreux’s poems, plays, paintings, and graffiti defy definition and categorization. Is it art, satire, or poetry? Savreux’s work is all of these things, but it is also more. Through his writing and art, Savreux takes us with him on a cathartic journey through a fractured world. This is medicine.

Mark Alexander, Ph.D.

Washington D.C., 2020


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